February 10, 2022

Editor’s Pick – An Implicit Multistep Numerical Method for Real-Time Simulation of Stiff Systems

Zhang Lei, Li Jie, Wang Menglu, and Liu Mengya


Simulating a physical system in real-time is widely used in equipment design, test, and validation. Though an implicit multistep numerical method excels at solving physical models that are usually composed of stiff ordinary differential equations, it is not suitable for real-time simulation because of state discontinuity and massive iterations for root finding. Thus, a method based on the backward differential formula is presented. It divides the main fixed step of real-time simulation into limited minor steps according to computing cost and accuracy demand. By analyzing and testing its capability, this method shows advantage and efficiency in real-time simulation, especially when the system contains stiff equations. A simulation application will have more flexibility while using this method.

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